Past & Present Project Involvement

Residential Clients
• French Mountain Log Homes      Lake George, NY    
Mountain Log Homes    
   North Bangor, NY
Sheltertherm Builders    
   Cohoes, NY
Paulsen Development    
   Albany, NY
Saratoga Construction, LLC    Saratoga Springs, NY
Saratoga Modular, LLC    
   Saratoga Springs, NY
Schyuler Builders, LLC    
   Saratoga Springs, NY
Kodiak Construction, Inc.    
   Saratoga Springs, NY
Robert Courtney           Enterprises     
Gansevoort, NY
E.W. Birch Builders    
   East Greenbush, NY
Building Boyz Construction    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jasco Management    
   Bayonne, NJ  
Ted Cillis Builders, Inc.      
   Latham, NY
Witt Construction, Inc.      
   Saratoga Springs, NY
Eastern Adirondack Home &     Design      
   Lake George, NY
Commercial and Corporate
• Greens Appliances    
   Queensbury, NY    
   Convert existing building to an appliance
Corporate Woods Office Park    
   Albany, NY    
   Engineer of Record; Edward Keegan, P.C.    
   New parking garage structure
Rose & Kiernan Insurance    
   Greenbush, NY      
   Arch. of Record; James Daly Tobin    
   Convert of existing office building to new
   office & tenant space
• Murphy Burns Barber & Murphy    
   Albany, NY    
   Arch. of Record; CIAAC Associated Arch.
   Redesign of lawyers office space
• Fecteau & Company, PLLC    
   Albany, NY    
   Arch. of Record; CIAAC Associated Arch.
   Redesign and expansion of accountant
   office space
• Milton Veterinary Hospital    
   Milton, NY    
   Engineer of Record; Adam J. Dorn    
   New veterinary hospital
Health Care
• Margaretville Nursing Home        
   Margaretville, NY    
   Engineer of Record; Edward Keegan, P.C.    Structural plans for new nursing home
• Prime Care        
   Executive Woods Office Park, Albany, NY
   Arch. of Record; CIAAC Associated Arch.
   Redesign of executive office and medical
   exam rooms
• Pulmonary and Critical Care        
   Executive Woods Office Park, Albany, NY      Arch. of Record; CIAAC Associated Arch.   
   Redesign of office space
• Parkview Family Dentistry     
   Halfmoon, NY         
   Engineer of Record;Adam J. Dorn   
   New dental office and rental space
Public Housing
  The Lofts at Union Square  
   Schenectady, NY    
   Concept layout of apartment building
Saratoga Street Apartments    
   Cohoes, NY    
   Concept layout for 42 unit apartment
• Warren County HUD  
   Warren County, NY    
   3 homes for county program
• New York State Police    
   Granville, NY    
   Police Barracks
• Town of Fine    
   Star Lake, NY    
   New storage building
• Lake George Fire Department    
   Lake George, NY    
   New storage building
• Lake George Emergency Squad  
   Lake George, NY      
   New ambulance & meeting building
•• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers    
  United State Military Academy, West Point    Arch. of Record; Einhorn Yaffee Prescott   Renovation to Lee & Sherman Barracks
• U.S. Postal Service    
   Granville, NY    
   New post office
•• Embassy of the United States    
   Brussels, Belgium    
   Arch. of Record; Einhorn Yaffee Prescott    Modernization of facilities & security to
Please Note;
Projects indicated with (•) are projects done under the direction of a licensed architect or engineer
Projects indicated with (••) are projects done at while employed by former employers
Colleges and Universities
•• Yale School of Medicine    
   New Haven, CT    
   Arch. of Record; Einhorn Yaffee Prescott    Renovation student dining - Harkness Hall
•• Albany Law School    
   Albany, NY    
   Arch. of Record; CS Arch    
   Renovations & addition to East Foyer
• Adirondack Community College    
   Queensbury, NY    
   Day care center
•• Princeton University    
   Princeton, NJ    
   Arch. of Record; Einhorh Yaffee Prescott    Renovation Blair Hall Dorm 
•• Pittsfield City Schools    
   Pittsfield, MA    
   Arch. of Record; Einhorn Yaffee Prescott    Renovations to Herberg & Reid Middle
•• Saranac Lake CSD
   Saranac Lake, NY    
   Arch. of Record; Einhorn Yaffee Prescott    Renovations & expansions at five school      buildings
•• Greenwich CSD    
   Greenwich, NY    
   Arch. of Record; CS Arch    
   Middle School - Relocation of district
   offices & stairwell and  additions
•• Greenwich CSD   
   Greenwich, NY    
   Arch. of Record; CS Arch    
   High School Renovations to locker rooms,
   music room and library
•• New Lebanon CSD
   New Lebanon, NY    
   Arch. of Record; CS Arch    
   Renovations and additions to Walter B.
   Howard Elementary School